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Improved Data Collection with Easy Smart WiFi's new QR Code Feature

wifi qr codes for restaurants to Enhancing Guest Experience
Say goodbye to the days of awkward password hunts and hello to the effortless connection of WiFi QR codes. These game-changing tools are transforming the way venues deliver guest WiFi, making it smoother, more secure, and more engaging than ever before while easily building a customer marketing list from each login

Here’s how it works:

  • The QR Code Does the Legwork: Imagine a world where guests don’t have to scour endless Wi-Fi lists. Instead, a strategically placed QR code, whether on a table tent, window sticker, or menu, beckons them. A simple scan with their smartphone camera is all it takes to unlock the internet’s magic.

  • Instant Access, Instant Data: No passwords, no delays, just instant connection to a captivating captive portal page. This is where the marketing magic happens. Guests provide valuable data—like email addresses and preferences—in exchange for seamless Wi-Fi access. This data empowers venues to personalize experiences, craft targeted campaigns, and build lasting relationships with their guests.

Learn How Easy Smart WiFi Can Increase Returning Customer Rate by Over:


Imagine this: You settle into your cozy booth, phone at the ready to share that mouthwatering meal with your followers. But wait! Connecting to the Wi-Fi requires navigating a labyrinth of uppercase letters, special characters, and a password you swore you wouldn’t forget. Frustration bubbles up. Your food gets cold. The perfect Instagram snap fades away.

Now, picture this: A friendly QR code sits discreetly on your table tent. You grab your phone, tap the code, and boom – you’re online. No passwords, no typos, just instant internet bliss. You post your food pic, check in with friends, and dive into the latest online drama – all while savoring your delicious meal.

Benefits for Venues:

  • Happier Guests, Happier Business: Effortless Wi-Fi means happier guests, more likely to linger, spend, and return. It’s a recipe for success in the hospitality industry.


  • Marketing Powerhouse: The rich guest data collected through QR code-powered Wi-Fi transforms a simple expense into a strategic marketing investment. Imagine personalized offers, targeted ads, and loyalty programs that truly resonate with guests.


  • Effortless Setup and Promotion: Creating and displaying QR codes is a breeze, and they can be seamlessly integrated into menus, flyers, social media, and beyond.


Get Ready for the QR Code Revolution:

Mark your calendars for January 22, 2024, when the official release of this feature turns Wi-Fi into a marketing dynamo. Look for it in the “Edit Hotspot” setting of the Smart WiFi platform.

Embrace the future of guest Wi-Fi. Embrace the power of QR codes.

WiFi QR Code Generator

With hundreds of venues using Easy Smart Wifi, our software helped thousands of businesses to grow their profitability through WiFi marketing.

Do you want to give it a try?

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